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HopeWest's Comprehensive Palliative-Care Program Is Profiled 

An article in the quarterly NHPCO magazine Newsline profiles how Grand Junction provider and HPCAR member HopeWest pioneered its comprehensive palliative-care program.

The story by local reporter Nancy Lofholm begins on Page 8.



2 Bills In Colo. Senate Bolster Care For Veteran Centers, Which Provide Hospice

Posted: April 7, 2017

Two bills moving through the Senate that will bolster care provided at five Veterans Community Living Centers located across Colorado, The Colorado Statesman reports. The centers provide crucial services, including hospice care, occupational therapy, rehabilitation and care for dementia and Alzheimers degeneration.

Senate Bills 217 and 219 re-up support for the the board of commissioners overseeing the centers and the advisory volunteer board that watchdog the care provided. Board members include veterans.

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Hospitals, Physician Cite Familiar Refrain Regarding End Of Life Options Act

Posted: April 7, 2017

A Denver Post story this week detailing an Aurora couple’s struggle to employ Colorado’s new aid-in-dying law includes familiar responses from health-care providers: Like hospices, they are still implementing and tweaking their policies and training staff. 

From a hospital perspective, the biggest problem with the End of Life Options Act was that there was very little “ramp-up” time between passage and implementation, says Colorado Hospital Association spokeswoman Cara Welch told The Post. The association provided resources to members including model policies and information to help them decide whether to participate, “but it was difficult because it all happened so quickly.”

“Hospitals are in a state of process with some of this,” Welch says. “Even though they may have policies in place, many are still looking at it, and are open to reconsidering at a future date.”

Physicians are still coming to terms with the law and its evolving rules for implementation, Dr. Lynn Parry, chair of the Colorado Medical Society’s council on ethical and judicial affairs, told the newspaper. 

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Southern Colorado Rural Students Honored By Hospice For Praising Honor

Posted: April 7, 2017

More than 75 people -- consisting of participants, parents, teachers and administrators -- were bused into town to attend the ceremony as part of the third annual We Honor Veterans Contest sponsored by HPCAR member Arkansas Valley Hospice and the Center for American Values. 

According to Matt Albright, the director of CAV, the purpose of the contest is to remind kids to honor their veterans, as well as explore their own interpretations of the word honor.

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Webinar From NHPCO: Risk - More Scrutiny On Horizon

Posted: April 7, 2017

Fresh from the Healthcare Compliance Association conference, hear Judi Lund-Person and Jennnifer Kennedy discuss their takeaways on areas of risk for hospice providers.

They also offer action steps for what measures providers should be taking to mitigate that risk. They discuss the value of the PEPPER Report and healthcare components that are globally applicable outside of hospice.


Separately: Read new NHPCO's CEO's blog post on innovation. 

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