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HPCAR End of Session Legislative Report

Click here to view the End of Session Legislative Report including HPCAR Highlights.
Hospice and Palliative Care of the Rockies was very engaged this year on a variety of legislative issues (view our bill tracker below for a list of bills). The organization testified, supported and monitored legislation helping hospice providers in work force, fundraising and future reimbursement issues. We also fought off legislation that would have created unnecessary regulation. 
2018 issues included:
  • Opioid Legislation Package - Monitored and Support
  • SB18-27 Nurse Compact Legislation -Support
  • HB18-1358 Transparency in Pricing- Opposed!
  • SB 18-141, Tax Check Off Legislation- Support 
  • Palliative Care Interim Committee Fails on Tied Vote -Support
Keep an eye out for: License Plate Legislation in 2019
Next year there will be legislation to address a license plate to raise awareness and revenue for the hospices and palliative care in the state. We are currently collecting signatures as this is a pre-requisite to preparing any legislation in 2019.


Posted: June 7, 2018

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Posted: May 29, 2018

The latest Hospice News Network email -- a members-only benefit of HPCAR -- is in members' email boxes and available here (you must be a member and signed into view).

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Terrific Reviews From Last Week's HPCAR Conference

Posted: May 24, 2018

The 2018 Rocky Mountain Home Care, Home Health & Hospice Conference took place last week at the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek and conference attendees gave it rave reviews! High marks were given to the education and programming, and folks loved the new venue!

Opening keynote speaker, Dean Savoca, challenges attendees to know their strengths! Other major speakers included Edo Banach, President & CEO of NHPCO and Bill Dombi, President of NAHC.

A special thanks to all of our sponsors and exhibitors who support this conference make it possible for us to bring you these world-class presentations and speakers. 



HPCAR Members Meet With CDPHE

Posted: May 24, 2018

HPCAR members met with the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment in May and discussed a number of issues raised from member hospice providers to include physician assistants, CASPER reports, complaint surveys and death pronouncement. CDPHE is looking at the proposed hospice wage index that would possibly allow physician assistants to serve as the attending physician to hospice patients. Currently this is not allowed by licensure so the department will review the proposal. Hospice CASPER reports are available to surveyors but it is not currently a requirement for surveyors to review reports prior to a hospice survey. A number of hospices have raised concerns around complaint surveys which are conducted well after the actual care was provided. CDPHE shared that complaints are triaged into categories which have a set response time. Immediate Jeopardy complaints are to be surveyed within 2 days; Non-Immediate Jeopardy High – 45 days; Non-Immediate Jeopardy Medium – 1 year; Non-Immediate Jeopardy Low – next time CDPHE is on site. The department also has the ability to conduct a non-immediate administrative review which would be a review from the desk. CDPHE shared that the average days to survey a complaint is 49.5 days. A provider raised the question around death pronouncement as they have allowed RN’s to pronounce deaths and are now hearing that this is not allowed. CDPHE stated that this is not a topic that they are not taking lightly and would cite a hospice for this. HPCAR raised that there may be confusion across the state on this topic as a nursing policy posted on DORA states that the determination of death is within the scope of practice for an RN and requested that CDPHE issue a clarification or guidance on this topic which was agreed upon after involvement with other stakeholders. 

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